Why this COVID-19 Risk Assessment platform is Unique

This simple guided tool to assist business owners to carry out a detailed COVID-19 Risk assessment of their building, workplace and entire business. Here are a few reason why we believe this tool is unique


  • Easily Navigable Platform


  • Step by Step Guidelines on Risk Assessment


  • Covers Every Salient Covid-19 Risk Hazards


  • Provides Detailed Suggestions on Covid-19 Risks Levels
  • Detailed Tips and Advice on Virus Control


  • Produces Professionally Generated Covid-19 Risk Management PDF Documents


  • Easily Integrated and Adaptable Document to General Building and Business Risk Management.


  • Document Generated Serves as Proof Of COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Compliance


  • Allows for Risk Assessment to be Easily Reviewed and Updated


  • Adaptable for Individual Assessments and Households


  • Platform Easily Navigable and Adaptable on your Mobile Devices


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